Laura Duckworth – Trusted Housesitters Homeowner Reference

Josh was very reliable and was very communicative both prior to our going away and during our holiday. We were very worried about finding the right sitter for Tokyo our three month old kitten and Josh made me feel very at ease and not at all worried about her. He sent photos and videos of both our cats and on returning they both seemed very happy (spoilt even!)

The house was very tidy and we appreciated the fact that Josh had put the sheets in the wash before he left – after a long flight we desperately wanted a nice warm bed! Definitely recommended sitter – lots of common sense, friendly and obviously an animal lover!


Barbara Ridley – Trusted Housesitters Homeowner Reference

Josh did an excellent job looking after the dogs and reptiles. He also coped extremely well when suddenly required to help with two horses (not on his original house-sitting brief!) We returned to a clean and tidy house with very contented animals – first class!


Regina Kosa – Trusted Housesitters Homeowner Reference

Josh is a reliable and responsible house sitter. I highly recommend him.

Josh took great care of our cat and apartment allowing us a stress free holiday! The apartment was clean and tidy when we got home and we could see that our cat got all the great care (or even more) he needed.


Gill Rendall – Trusted Housesitters Homeowner Reference

I highly recommend Josh as a house and cat-sitter. He was reliable, organised, tidy and helpful, doing everything asked of him.

I hope he is available the next time I need a house-sitter.


Jane Thomason – Trusted Housesitters Homeowner Reference

Marvellous housesitter, faultless in every respect. Very friendly and great with our doggies. Came home to tidy house and very happy dogs, cannot recommend him highly enough.


David Young – Trusted Housesitters Homeowner Reference

I highly recommend Josh, who is a considerate, tidy, and reliable house-sitter. Josh took great care of my elderly cat, administering pills several times a day, and spending lots of time with him. Josh kept me updated throughout my holiday. The house was very tidy and clean when I returned.

I have no hesitation in recommending Josh as a house/pet-sitter, and would definitely use him again.


Dani Lurie – Homeowner Reference

Josh is responsible and reliable housesitter, and a nice guy to boot. He housesat my flat for over a month (which included taking care of a hamster) and he did a fantastic job at keeping everything tidy and looking after my little pet.

Josh is a big animal lover and a former dog/fish/cat owner, so I’m sure he’d be delighted to look after your pets.

He gets my recommendation.



Karen Ross – Homeowner Reference

I have known Josh for years. He looked after my central London flat one year while we were away and I have also used him as a babysitter for my young son on several occasions. I am extremely paranoid about who I leave my child with and other than close family Josh is one of the few people I really trust. He is very reliable and helpful with a strong sense of responsibility. An adult basically.

I highly recommend him.


Debbi Benn – Homeowner Reference

I have known Josh all my life. He is a highly intelligent young man who always achieved well both at school and university. Josh is responsible and considerate. He house sat for me when we went away on holiday. His jobs included looking after the dog, feeding him and walking him as well as watering the garden and generally keeping the house tidy. We were extremely satisfied with the way in which Josh looked after our house and our dog and I would highly recommend him to any clients as he is trustworthy and reliable.


Jason Ward – Character Reference

Josh and I lived together for almost two years. He was a terrific flatmate – as well as being a tidy, responsible, thoughtful presence, he’s also a lovely person. We had a pretty large garden and he would always help to keep it in good shape. I recommend him heartily.


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