A very special client: Mini (aka Minnie aka Minnie the Moocher)

Let me tell you some things about Mini.

Mini puppy

Mini became a member of my family 16 years ago, at which point she was about the size of a hand. Soon after, she suffered a traumatic incident when my brother was shooting hoops and a basketball landed on her tiny, tiny head. We believe this accounts in part for the curious behaviour that followed.


As she grew up, Mini developed some peculiar habits. She was an innately useless guard dog that would bark ferociously at anyone approaching the front door and then roll on to her backside as soon as the door was opened. There were also the rare occasions when she would obsessively guard a certain object, which could be anything from a bone to a nondescript piece of plastic, and would ravage your hand if you attempted to retrieve it. We tended to keep our distance when she was in these moods. You may laugh at the idea of such a small animal causing any sort of fear but you just… don’t… know.


Despite such behaviour, we accepted Mini as an equal member of the family. So much so that we would leave a seat for her around the dining room table whenever we gathered for dinner. Our other dog Rainbow never received such privileges.


In her heyday, Mini’s jumping ability was unrivalled in the canine world. As the years progressed, however, her epic leaps turned into epic fails when she would attempt to jump on a bed but slam into the side of it instead. These days she can barely surmount the 2 inches required to get through the doggy door. It’s pretty sad.


At the age of 16 Mini is still going strong. Sure, she mostly sleeps all day and, yes, she makes these grunting noises whenever she moves and, YES, she’s almost completely deaf and blind, but every now and then she gets this playful glimmer in her cataract-covered eyes and invites you to chase her around the house, just like she used to, and you know she’s still the same ol’ Mini at heart. Ah, Mini… what a dog.


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