Patches hour

It occurs to me that I’ve completely focused my attention on Tokyo, adorable, crowd-pleasing rascal that she is, and neglected to talk about Patches, who can well and truly hold his own in the troublemaking department.

So let me tell you something about Patches. Patches has this impressive and oh-so-annoying habit of knocking certain items off the top of the fridge (cereal boxes, cat treats, what have you) in the hope that he’ll be able to retrieve some food and have himself a second dinner. Some may say that I’m the one in error for not storing these items in a cupboard, away from the cats’ mischievous paws… but let’s not dwell on that.


So it was that I returned from my internship one day to discover a bit of a scene in the kitchen. This is what I found:

  • An upturned box that once held four large packets of meaty cat food
  • Four large packets of meaty cat food that had been completely eviscerated
  • An impressive pile of cat vomit.

It’s pretty rare, I think, to be able to take one look at a room and know instantly what took place and the order in which the events unfolded. You’ll be pleased to know that when I found Patches he seemed absolutely fine. In fact, he seemed as right as rain.


My time in London with the adorable troublemakers comes to an end tomorrow. The next stop is Hastings, where I’ll be looking after three cats and two guinea pigs. Bring it on.

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