Client #123: Lottie


Favourite Activity: Eating anything and everything (where your average person/animal would look at common household items such as a rug or, say, their own bed as being inedible and thus to be consumed with caution, Lottie isn’t troubled by such trivial concerns)

Special Ability: Putting up with Charlie when he goes on one of his licking rampages.

Distinguishing features: Flabby belly and a heart of gold.


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2 Responses to Client #123: Lottie

  1. They are so cute and adorable…I also have a very naughty Dalmatian and he just learned how to open the fridge and steal anything and everything….His partner in crime is my feisty little English Cocker Spaniel….

    • Perthboy says:

      Sounds like your dalmatian is too smart for his own good! They really are a fantastic breed. I’ve been asked to look after Charlie and Lottie again in the new year and I can’t wait. You have some amazing photos on your blog, by the way!

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