Feeding time: a Josh and Charlie co-production

Sometimes Charlie doesn’t have an appetite when it comes to meal time. This is all well and good except that I have to monitor them while they eat because otherwise Lottie, who never has an appetite problem, will have two helpings of food (and let’s face it she really doesn’t need it). I could place Charlie’s bowl out of reach but if he doesn’t develop an appetite in short order then the food will likely go stale and I’ll have to throw it out. And I am nothing if not frugal. So I have three devious techniques involving varying levels of deception to get Charlie to eat his food. Without further ado:

THE GRAVY TECHNIQUE: This is what the homeowners recommended which requires pouring cooled down gravy over Charlie’s food ’cause let’s face it EVERYTHING is better with gravy. I’ve actually had minimal success with this one because Charlie ends up lapping it up without actually eating the food, which allows Lottie to move in for the kill.

THE SNACK TECHNIQUE: This is a Josh Benn original which involves waving the snack in front of Charlie’s face, then burying it in his food. What happens is that he’ll inadvertently eat some of his food while retrieving his snack, which gives him the required momentum to finish his meal. Ingenius, huh?

THE CHRISTMAS TECHNIQUE: Another Josh Benn original created about 5 minutes ago with staggeringly successful results. It involves picking up Charlie’s bowl and dancing wildly around the room with it, waving it by his face tauntingly and saying things like “Look, Charlie, it’s your dinner… yeah!!” He ends up being so dazzled by the display that he forgets that I offered him the same meal mere moments ago, and this time it’s been hyped up to such an extent that no dog in their right mind would turn it away.

And the end result…

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