Client #114 – Spaccy


Spaccy is a happy-go-lucky tree frog who happens to have a problem with his central nervous system which causes him to fall over a lot. Laugh or cry – it is what it is.

He’s also fed a regular diet of live crickets. Now, I’m one of those pansy types who doesn’t like killing any living thing (be it flies or, I don’t know, other human beings), so this process has taken some adjustment. The worst thing is when I’m holding a cricket directly in front of Spaccy, and he’s taking his sweet time about getting on with it. So this poor cricket is literally brushing up against the face of this beast just waiting to be chomped.

But then Spaccy does the deed, and that’s that. I end up feeling fairly dirty afterwards and have to hum the ‘Circle of Life’ just to get sleep at night, but, hey… it’s all an experience, right?

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